Inner Secrets Lengerie New Look Launch

Two weeks ago I attended the Inner Secrets Lengerie  New look launch hosted at the V & A Waterfront and what an indulgent and sexy event it was, heres all you need to know

About Inner Secrets Lengerie

Inner Secrets Lingerie was established in 2005 by mother and son team Penny and Dimitri Parolis.  At the time of opening the first store, their 13 years of experience in the industry led them to feel very passionate about opening stores to offer women a professional and personal experience in the fitting and styling of all intimate apparel.

The boutiques have a choice of exquisite lingerie with the key element of offering a perfect fit while still being practical, swimwear that will make you feel beautiful and shape wear garments that will hide any imperfection, from some of the most well- known, cutting edge and luxurious brands from around the world. Inner Secrets Lingerie prides itself in its service excellence and their sales consultants are very knowledgeable and highly trained in fitting.

But most importantly their ethos is the beauty and diversity of a woman and she will leave our stores feeling pampered, uplifted both physically and mentally while still retaining her unique individuality.

About the new store

Inner Secrets Lingerie has recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. Heralding such a milestone prompted a new look to take the brand into the future!


“Having just celebrated our 10th anniversary, we felt that it was time to upgrade our image, as we move the business from its infancy into the next exciting period of growth. We have now firmly established ourselves and the identity of Inner Secrets Lingerie and since retail is constantly evolving, it was time for us to present a new look.” comments Dimitri.


The well recognized stores, which offer women a professional and personal experience in the fitting and styling of all intimate apparel including swimwear and sleepwear, called for a clean, streamlined, modern look with very luxurious finishes to compliment the heritage world brands that they represent.

“The shell of the stores has a polished, neutral look so they feel much more spacious than before and this has created the perfect canvas to showcase the beautiful lingerie and swimwear pieces. We have kept the change room area spacious, comfortable and intimate, to almost represent one’s own dressing room so that women feel at ease as they dress down and become transformed with our professional fitting service.” says Penny


Over the years Inner Secrets Lingerie has focussed on their business processes, merchandise and service offering to such an extent that they feel confident of their efficient retail operation that is ready to be expanded upon. The new look falls in line with their future plans for the growth of the brand countrywide.


“We have clients from around South Africa who shop with us and they continually request that we bring our stores to their cities. We certainly do intend to open up further stores in other regions soon however we are very specific in targeting strategic locations in high profile shopping centres around the country.”

The Launch

I was greeted by a friendly waitress offering me a glass of Le Lude MCC, it was delicious and set the tone for this fun indulgent event! Immediately I noticed the new clean interior, it seemed like the shop had been made bigger but was in fact just appeared larger from strategic placement of their layout. Two lovely models flitted around the crowd showing off the gorgeous Lingerie and swimwear whilst guests sipped on either MCC, wine from Warwick wine estate, Cocktails made with Wilderer Gin or Aqua Panna water. The most delicious canapes were served from Jarryd’s eatery which is located in Seapoint, I can personally vouch for their food, this guy know what he is doing! Go their for their Eggs Benedict on banting bread, sooo good! After a few words from the MC Liezel Van der Westhuizen and the whole family behind the Inner Secrets brand (cute!) I got to have a look at their lingerie and swimwear, their stuff is just incredible. Everything is made with the highest quality and fantastic design, any woman would feel glamorous and special in the garments, but I’ll let the pictures speak for how great Inner Secret Lengerie is!

img-5 img-7 img-8 img-12 img-20 img-43 img-51 img-53 img-56 img-67 img-100 img-119 img-152 img-190 img-207 img-229

Go check out one of their stores at either The V & A Waterfront, at Cavendish Square or Piazza St John’s in Seapoint.