When to throw out a product

It can be tough to figure out when to throw out makeup products, and also hard! Even if a product looks fine on your skin you are running the risk of applying expired ingredients that can be extremely harmful to your skin, causing breakouts, skin irritation and even infections!


Liquid foundation lasts up to a year, and the cream varieties last up to a year and a half. If your liquid foundation starts to separate or turn a different colour, it is definitely time to toss it! However, if you have left your foundation in the sun and that has caused it to separate, give it a shake and if goes back to normal then use it.


Unless your eyeshadow starts smelling strange, or the colour or texture changes, you can keep it for 3 years!


Pencil liners are like eyeshadow, as long as the product remains looking fresh and smelling fine it can last for 3 years. Just remember to sharpen it to get rid of any bacteria. Gel liners and cream liners last about 6 months, they can last even longer if you are applying the product with a independent brush (not the one attached to the lid), the germ contamination is less, allowing for less bacteria to build


Lipsticks and lip pencils last up to about two years. Remember to sharpen the pencil, and wipe your lipstick with a makeup wipe to reduce bacteria.


Mascara should last no longer than 4 months. The eye is a breeding ground for bacteria, and they are so sensitive, it’s best to be extra safe with them. If your mascara starts to smell weird or gets very clumpy, throw it away immediately.


Cream blush’s last a year and powders last up to 2 years.


If you clean your brushes regularly and take good care of them, your brushes can be a lifetime investment!


Hope you find this useful.